The Munia Fractal Asset Platform
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Welcome to our Economic Estate.
Mūnia Platform Features.
kiMotion Network Awards
Receive Mūnia Deposits
Liberation from asset silos.
Mūnia/Bitcoin ownership comparison
142 Mūnia Platform Currencies.
Professional management.
For the more technically minded.
Mūnia contact details.
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Mūnia Vaults

Vault features and benefits.
kiMūni backed multi-currency accounts.
Promote Mūnia and get rewarded.
Secure Login and Vault recovery.
View an example Mūnia Vault.
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Mūnia Assets

Mūnia Asset features and benefits.
View example Mūnia Asset Art.
Current Mūnia Asset Ownership Totals.
View an example Mūnia Asset.
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Mūnia Magazine Advertisements.
Mūnia Video.
Mūnia Press releases and articles.
Our Blog & Trade Facebook Groups.
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About Bitcoin and how to get some.
The terms and privacy policy.
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