Mūnia's World of ūniqūe Visible Assets

A Monetary System simple enough to Trust

Premium Quality Money

Mūnia delivers premium quality money, minted as unique, visible and infinitely complex fractal units.

Mūnia Cheqūes

Write exact amount Mūnia Cheqūes in any desired currency or Mūnia Money, converted to and from Vault contents.

Total Privacy

Mūnia Assets & Cheqūes are transferred Vault-to-Vault without ledgers or transactions. No personal details required.

Legal Assets

Each Mūnia Asset has its own unique copyright art. Copyright art is a Legal Asset. You own your Assets Copyright.

A Fee-less Economy

There are no storage or transfer fees in Mūnia. No third-party, no middle-man and no asset leakage.

Eco Friendly Technology

Mūnia Platform Technology is extremely efficient and Eco-friendly. Mūnia is entirely renewable energy powered.

Mūnia World

Mūnia is precision surveyed Fractal Territory

Mūnia has surveyed the Mandelbrot fractal and established fixed Fractal Mine locations that are grouped into regions as shown in the map above. Fractal Mines have a fixed scale and therefore have a fixed upper limit, a maximum volume. Mūnia Monetary Units each have a fixed size and are scaled according to their denomination.
Newly minted Assets claim new Fractal Estate, reducing the free unclaimed estate within each mine. Therefore Mūnia Assets have similar rarity to real-estate. Mūnia Platform implements precision fractal estate mining tools that guarantee free title for every Asset.

Did you know that

Mūnia Vaults are also Minted Fractal Assets

Mūnia Vaults secure and manage a combination of Monetary Assets. Each Mūnia Vault has its own unique fractal estate within the Vault Fractal Mine. Fractal Security locks Assets to a Vault by their combined fractal complexity.

Mūnia Vaults are freely minted with comprehensive Vault Services, including instant valuation, sending, browsing and swapping of Assets.

Fractal Asset Minting and Security Experts

Team Mūnia has become expert in fractal assets through intensive R&D and owner testing over 3 years, including:

  • Mandelbrot Fractal Surveying and Mapping
  • Immutable Fractal Asset Security
  • Fractal Vault & Asset Resource Management
  • Multi asset class integration and indexing

Mūnia Currencies and Assets

  • kiMuni

    ki Mūni

    kiMuni is a VWAP stabilised Mūnia Currency. 1 kiMuni is indexed to the 90 day average of 1 gram of Silver. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion kiMuni.

  • kiStone

    ki Stone

    kiStone is a VWAP stabilised Mūnia Currency. kiStone is indexed to the 90 day average of 1 gram of Gold. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion kiStone.

  • kiGem

    ki Gem

    kiGem is an inflation stabilised Mūnia Currency. 1 kiGem is indexed to one trillionth of the M2 Money Supply. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion kiGem.

  • keyLion

    key Lion

    keyLion is a currency indexed Mūnia Asset. One keyLion is indexed to US$1.00. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion keyLion.

  • keyBitcoin

    key Bitcoin

    keyBitcoin is a blockchain crypto indexed Mūnia Asset. keyBitcoin is indexed to Bitcoin. There is a maximum volume of 21 million keyBitcoin.

  • keySilver

    key Silver

    keySilver is a bullion indexed Mūnia Asset. keySilver is indexed to Silver Bullion. There is a maximum volume of 90 thousand tonnes of keySilver.

  • keyGold

    key Gold

    keyGold is a bullion indexed Mūnia Asset. keyGold is indexed to Gold Bullion. There is a maximum volume of 180 thousand tonnes of keyGold.

  • keyPlatinum

    key Platinum

    keyPlatinum is a bullion indexed Mūnia Asset. keyPlatinum is indexed to Platinum Bullion. There is a maximum volume of 10 thousand tonnes of keyPlatinum.

  • keyDiamond

    key Diamond

    keyDiamond is a precious stone indexed Mūnia Asset. keyDiamond Carats are indexed to an average of 56 color/clarity value combinations. There is a maximum volume of 10 Billion Carats of keyDiamond.

  • keyOil

    key Oil

    keyOil is a commodity indexed Mūnia Asset. One keyOil Barrel is indexed to the current Crude Oil Barrel price. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion keyOil Barrels.

Mūnia Statistics

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Our goal is to bring debt-free and fee-less money of integrity to the people of the World.

Team Mūnia

Vault Owner Testimonials

    The quest and thirst for freedom and security of money has never been more satisfying than kiMuni has presented on a platter. The nature of transactions are quite fast, smooth and unique and yet it's WITHOUT FEES. Sending and receiving of key assets are totally free and secure and these are the major reasons why I LOVE kiMuni.

    Fred Okpanachi
    In Acres of Diamonds by R Conwell the author talks about the nobility of becoming wealthy in order to do more good, and that oftentimes what we are searching for is right under our nose in ‘our own backyard’.
    Kimuni is now in your backyard!
    Imagine that you could take your gifts and talents and combine them with a monetary economic system which could expand your wealth, do good and leave a lasting legacy. Enter Kimuni and its new economy. When I first came across Kimuni I was intrigued and opened a private vault for free. I did so more from instinct than understanding. Rumbling in the periphery of my mind was the question as to how I could expand my coaching and mentoring services, to reach more in an affordable way, while integrating philanthropy. I realised the purchasing power of money was in grave decline and the traditional economic models were imploding. I was seeking inspiration but did not make any immediate firm connection. I had come across an alternative banking model based on digital gold and silver and had started to add this to the mix, looking to integrate gold and silver payments. The blockchain technology made this exciting and progressive compared to traditional banking models.
    When I opened the Kimuni vault and entered, which took only seconds, I was surprised to see such an innovative functional system because I had been used to seeing innovative projects in a half baked concept phase and very much the subject of crowdfunding initiatives. I was impressed by the look and feel of what I saw. The layout, assets and educational content looked very intriguing, neatly and efficiently presented with top notch design and functionality. The care and attention to detail were not lost on me with the ethos, values and purpose etched and conveyed in the design of the Key Assets. For example kimuni translates to ‘quality money’ and the economic system which builds round this concept has a flag in which the blue poppy himalayan flower symbolically conveys prosperity, imagination and success. At the same time my sense of intrigue was overtaken by overwhelm. I felt like I had stepped into an unknown world in which I did not understand what I was looking at, let alone grasp how to use it. It warranted further exploration as I knew, not all that glitters is necessarily gold. My background in psychiatry had taught me that when anything new and innovative is presented to the mind, the mind tends to search the filing cabinet of its memories and experiences and if it does not find anything familiar, it will either dismiss the new out of hand or put it to one side for some time. The latter happened to me initially. However, as someone drawn to the unusual, it never left me. Even though I was not entirely new to cryptocurrency and blockchain as examples of innovation, Kimuni seemed distinct with its own language. It had the feel of unusual! My journey since Nov 2019 has been to close the gap between instinct and understanding in order to grasp the potential benefits and the problems Kimuni solves. And the recent ‘lockdown’ provided the opportunity to immerse myself further and review the concept, vision and system again. I now feel a growing sense about the economic possibilities this can bring for all as it continues to roll out new layers of its ecosystem. It is truly exciting and has been right under my nose.

    Anita Narayan
    Author and Founder of Breaking Free Unlimited
fractal photos of keyGold estates. Visible Copyright © proof of unique surveyed fractal estates.