Mūnia Assets

Commodity Indexed Assets

Inherent Value

Mūnia Assets have inherent value as surveyed fractal estates. Their substance is confirmed by their unique art, each being a Legal Copyright Asset. Each fractal estate contains infinite complexity.

Scaled Volume

Mūnia Asset Fractal Estates are precisely scaled to their Fractal Mine. The Fractal Mine is scaled to a volume that reflects real-world availability of its indexed commodity.

Commodity Indexed

Mūnia Assets are directly indexed to their corresponding commodity value. Mūnia Platform updates indexed commodity values every 10 minutes.

Asset Security

Mūnia Assets are locked to Owner Vaults using keyBlock Fractal Encryption. Each Asset fractal estate has its own unique fractal gateway that locks to its Vault. Only the Vault owner can send it.

Privately Owned

Mūnia Assets are private to the Owners Vault. When Assets are transferred to another Vault it does not leave a transaction trail. Transactions are not used in Mūnia.

Quantum Proof

Mūnia Assets use keyBlock quantum proof encryption. This is future proof immunity to Quantum computer security attacks. keyBlock Fractal Security guarantees that quantum computers cannot steal your Assets.

Instant Private Transfer

Instantly transfer Mūnia Assets from your Vault directly and privately to any other Vault. Enter the receivers Vault ID, a comment, your combination and send.

Mobile to Mobile Transfer

Instantly send Mūnia Assets by scanning the QR Code on a requesting mobile phone. The requesting Vault sets the amount in any FIAT currency with a comment.

Fungible Value

Each Mūnia Asset is directly fungible with all Mūnia Currencies and Assets. Instantly and freely swap between Mūnia Currencies and Assets at their current exchange rate.

Declaration of Immutability
for Mūnia Assets

keyBlock Fractal Security at the core of Mūnia Economic Platform leverages the unique and infinite complexity existing within the fractal estate of each and every Asset Estate. It is a one-way encryption gate that can only respond to your Vaults combination.

It is therefore immutable security that cannot be unlocked by any means other than your combination. As combinations, their transport SHA512 key and unique fractal gate key are not stored it is impossible to transfer your Assets by attackers, hackers, staff or even Mūnia Platform without your combination.

Mūnia Safe Haven Assets

These Mūnia Assets are indexed to well respected safe haven bullion commodities. Mūnia Assets have inherent and indexed value with limited supply that reflects commodity rarity.

  • Mūnia Fractal Asset Mine capacity matches its commodity availability
  • Mine capacity is reduced by each new Asset estate
  • Commodity specific Asset denominations match Asset Mine volume
  • Mūnia Assets are swapped without fees, there is no arbitrage barrier

key Silver

keySilver is a bullion indexed Mūnia Asset. keySilver is indexed to Silver Bullion. There is a maximum volume of 90 thousand tonnes of keySilver.

key Gold

keyGold is a bullion indexed Mūnia Asset. keyGold is indexed to Gold Bullion. There is a maximum volume of 180 thousand tonnes of keyGold.

key Platinum

keyPlatinum is a bullion indexed Mūnia Asset. keyPlatinum is indexed to Platinum Bullion. There is a maximum volume of 10 thousand tonnes of keyPlatinum.

Mūnia Speculative Assets

These Mūnia Assets are indexed to more volatile and speculative commodities. These Assets provide a means of arbitrage without conversion fees.

  • keyBitcoin is off-blockchain Bitcoin
  • keyBitcoin is transferred without transaction fee
  • Free swap from and to Mūnia Assets and Currencies
  • keyOil reflects our changing World's energy economy

key Bitcoin

keyBitcoin is a blockchain crypto indexed Mūnia Asset. keyBitcoin is indexed to Bitcoin. There is a maximum volume of 21 million keyBitcoin.

key Diamond

keyDiamond is a precious stone indexed Mūnia Asset. keyDiamond Carats are indexed to an average of 56 color/clarity value combinations. There is a maximum volume of 10 Billion Carats of keyDiamond.

key Oil

keyOil is a commodity indexed Mūnia Asset. One keyOil Barrel is indexed to the current Crude Oil Barrel price. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion keyOil Barrels.

Fractal Mūnia Assets
of exceptional quality

Mūnia Fractal Assets bring digital convenience to otherwise inconvenient commodities.

Importantly, real-world availability and rarity are immutably engineered with revolutionary keyBlock technology.

Mūnia Assets are personally owned and instantly transferable Worldwide securely and conveniently.