Mūnia Vaults

Free Fractal Asset Vaults

Instant Valuation

Mūnia Vaults show instant valuation summary of its Fractal Asset and Currency contents. The summary includes the original acquired and current indexed values for each asset class.

Activity Log

Mūnia Vaults maintain an activity log of Assets and Currencies sent, received and swapped. The log is secured with keyBlock Fractal Encryption and can be purged at any time.

Global Currencies

Mūnia Asset and Currency values can be viewed in any one of 142 FIAT currencies. You can flip between FIAT currencies at any time to see all Vault contents using the selected currency value.

Login Security

Mūnia Vault Login Security converts your combination to a SHA512 key to transmit and then converts to a unique fractal vault key to decrypt. Neither your combination, the SHA512 key or unique fractal key are stored anywhere.

Two Factor Authentication

Mūnia Vaults support two factor authentication via email. A login authentication email is sent to your email address after your login is verified. The email contains a secure one time link that verifies it is you logging in.

Quantum Proof

Mūnia Vaults use keyBlock quantum proof encryption. Quantum computers are a clear and present danger to all encryption based security. keyBlock Fractal Security guarantees that quantum computers cannot expose your combination.

Instant Private Transfer

Instantly transfer Mūnia Assets and Currencies from your Vault directly and privately to any other Vault. Enter the receivers Vault ID, a comment, your combination and send.

Mobile to Mobile Transfer

Instantly send Mūnia Assets and Currencies by scanning the QR Code on a requesting mobile phone. The requesting Vault sets the amount in any FIAT currency with a comment.

Vault Backup

Mūnia Vaults can be backed up to your PC, laptop, mobile or USB disk. The backup is a html file that contains an XML extract of your Vault and all its contents. It is a visible master-copy able to validate and restore Mūnia repository.

Mūnia Immutability Declaration
for Vault and Asset Security

keyBlock Fractal Security at the core of Mūnia Economic Platform leverages the unique and infinite complexity existing within the fractal estate of each and every Vault, Asset and Currency. It is a one-way encryption gate that can only respond to your combination.

It is therefore immutable security that cannot be unlocked by any means other than your combination. As combinations, their transport SHA512 key and unique fractal gate key are not stored it is impossible to unlock Vaults or transfer assets by attackers, hackers, staff or even Mūnia Platform without your combination.

Lazarus Vault Recovery

A major problem with blockchain crypto assets is the loss of your login, the username and password, without which you will loose your wallet or account contents.

Mūnia has solved this problem with Lazarus Vault Recovery.

Personal Details

Banks solve this problem by requiring and storing your personal details with subsequent security and privacy risks.

Lazarus Recovery uses your personal details to recover your Vault login(s) without transmitting or storing your details.

Mūnia Vault Technology is
the new Security Standard

The synergy of breakthrough fractal encryption, personal vault backup and Lazarus recovery brings a new level of trust and confidence.

  • Fractal Keys are a one-way gate and unique for every Vault
  • Owners combinations cannot be intercepted or cracked
  • Impossible to hack internally or externally
  • Vault recovery using personal details without KYC storage

A capacity to store and secure
an unlimited variety of Assets

Unlike accounts and crypto-wallets, Mūnia Vaults can store an unlimited variety of valuable assets. Presently Vaults can store all of the current range of premium Mūnia Currencies and Assets.

Our R&D has proven their ability to securely encrypt and store crypto-wallet keys, documents, password lists etc. Stay tuned for exciting new Vault features.