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Compare keyGold transfers to Bitcoin transactions.


Vault 1

Vault 2

Vault 3
keyGold Ounce 0 USD
Mūnia Transfers: 0 Mūnia Fees: USD 0
Bitcoin Ledger Entries: 0 Bitcoin Fees: USD 0
Simulator Summary

Wallet 1

Wallet 2

Wallet 3

Bitcoin Miner
Owners have 100% Miners 0%
USD 0 USD 0 Fees: USD 0
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# Transactions
# Transactions
# Fees

Simulation Info

A Mūnia Vault contains one keyGold Ounce and a Bitcoin Wallet contains the equivalent value in current Bitcoin and shown in USD for comparison.

Click Start to run the simulation.

In Mūnia section you will simply see the keyGold Ounce being transferred from Vault 1 to Vaults 2 and 3, and then back to Vault 1, simulating ongoing transfers within Mūnia.

In the Bitcoin section you see the Bitcoin value being moved from Wallet 1 to Wallets 2 and 3, then back to Wallet 1 simulating ongoing transfer on the Bitcoin Blockchain.

With Bitcoin however, a transaction fee reduces the amount being transferred for each transaction, and the simulation stops when there are insufficient funds to cover the transaction fee.

Bitcoin transaction fees are based on the information published here: Bit Info Charts

Similarity with Accounts

The simulation is conceptually similar if you substitute Bitcoin with any other cryptocurrency or bank account. In either case there will be fees and an ever growing ledger.

Only Mūnia retains the full asset value in circulation due to our unique asset possession transfer without fee leakage or ledger.