Mūnia Benefits

the world of private debt-free fee-less monetary assets


Mūnia currencies and assets are personally owned and exchanged by a hand-to-hand asset transfer. Like cash, there is no ledger or audit trail. Personal details are not required to own Mūnia Vaults, Currencies or Assets.

Debt-Less Money

Unlike debt-created FIAT currency, Mūnia currencies and assets remain in circulation. It is a robust foundation for personal, national and global prosperity. An ethical economy of integrity.

Fee-less Money

Mūnia Platform is 100% free to use. There are no account keeping fees, storage fees, transaction fees, swap fees or listing fees. The business model is that of a Mint and is entirely funded by minting.

Permanent Estate

Mūnia Currencies and Assets reside in permanent fractal territory. Similar to real-estate, our fractal estates are indestructible, precision surveyed, unique, valuable and limited.

Immutable Security

Mūnia Assets are secured by revolutionary keyBlock Fractal Encryption. It is impossible to change or transfer an asset without the owners combination. Combinations are not transmitted and pass through a one-way fractal gate.

Legal Assets

Each Mūnia Asset is a unique fractal estate that is photographed when minted. Unique fractal art is generated and saved as a jpeg image. Each unique Mūnia Asset Art is copyright making it a Legal Asset.

Mūnia Surveyed Fractal Territory
and Fractal Minting Technology

Mūnia's revolutionary features and benefits emerge from our precision surveyed fractal domain. Our fractal asset quality relates to the quality of our hand-picked fractal mine locations. There is significant correspondence with premium and mineral rich real-estate.

Mūnia's keyBlock Fractal Minting Technology mints assets exclusively within theses premium fractal mine locations. Each asset is minted with immutable fractal security with visible proof of unique estate.

Mint a Mūnia Asset

Survey the fractal mine in search of free title estate. No overlap allowed. Allocate precisely scaled estate to a new asset. Attach to owners vault and record.

Photograph Asset Estate

A photo is taken of the unique fractal estate of the asset. Asset icon, name and serial number is added to the photo. The photo is saved as a clearly distinguishable JPEG.

keyBlock Secured

A payload containing asset location, size, asset class and owner vault is encrypted using the assets unique fractal key. The crypt block is recorded.

Mūnia Fractal Mine
Surveying and Scaling

Every Fractal Mine is carefully located and scaled for its asset class. Each asset is scaled in proportion to its mine scale.

  • Fractal Mines have a fixed maximum volume
  • Fractal Mine asset volume is audited
  • Free Title of each asset is audited
  • Asset denominations are scaled proportionately

Non-stop mission of
discovery, innovation and R&D

Since the invention of fractal monetary assets in 2018 Mūnia has undergone a continuous journey of discovery and innovation.

While the original core formulas have remained, their use and method of delivery has been under continuous research and development.

In 2020 the Mūnia Cheqūe technology delivered exact amount storage and exchange in any currency.

In 2023 the Mūnia Star Referral Plan was launched to bring Mūnia Assets to the World.

As Mūnia reaches common use its trade value grows. This will support a World Wide developer network to accelerate our many R&D projects.