Mūnia Currencies

Stabilized Exchange Currencies

Inherent Value

Mūnia Currencies have inherent value as surveyed fractal estates. Their substance is confirmed by their unique art, each being a Legal Copyright Asset. Each fractal estate contains infinite complexity.

Scaled Volume

Mūnia Currency Fractal Estates are precisely scaled to their Fractal Mine. Their relative volume scaling is equally precise. If one currency has value 1 and another has 10 then their fractal estate ratio is 1:10.

Stabilized Indexing Formulas

Mūnia Currencies implement VWAP and money supply indexing to stabilize their value. Indexed valuation of currency with inherent value has similar fundamentals to valuation of art.

Currency Security

Mūnia Currency is locked to Owner Vaults using keyBlock Fractal Encryption. Each Currency fractal estate has its own unique fractal gateway that locks to its Vault. Only the Vault owner can send it.

Privately Owned

Mūnia Currencies are private to the Owners Vault. When Currency is transferred to another Vault it does not leave a transaction trail. Transactions are not used in Mūnia.

Quantum Proof

Mūnia Currencies use keyBlock quantum proof encryption. This is future proof immunity to Quantum computer security attacks. keyBlock Fractal Security guarantees that quantum computers cannot steal your Currency.

Instant Private Transfer

Instantly transfer Mūnia Currencies from your Vault directly and privately to any other Vault. Enter the receivers Vault ID, a comment, your combination and send.

Mobile to Mobile Transfer

Instantly send Mūnia Currencies by scanning the QR Code on a requesting mobile phone. The requesting Vault sets the amount in any FIAT currency with a comment.

Fungible Value

Each Mūnia Currency is directly fungible with all Mūnia Currencies and Assets. Instantly and freely swap between Mūnia Currencies and Assets at their current exchange rate.

Declaration of Immutability
for Mūnia Currency

keyBlock Fractal Security at the core of Mūnia Economic Platform leverages the unique and infinite complexity existing within the fractal estate of each and every Currency Estate. It is a one-way encryption gate that can only respond to your Vaults combination.

It is therefore immutable security that cannot be unlocked by any means other than your combination. As combinations, their transport SHA512 key and unique fractal gate key are not stored it is impossible to transfer your Currency by attackers, hackers, staff or even Mūnia Platform without your combination.

Mūnia Stability
in the midst of Global Chaos

Mūnia Currency is the antidote to unprecedented FIAT money and debt creation. Mūnia Currencies have inherent value with limited supply that prevent such abuse.

  • Mūnia Fractal Currency Mines have a fixed maximum capacity
  • Mine capacity is reduced by each new currency estate
  • Mūnia Fractal Mine capacity is continuously audited and visible
  • Mūnia Currency is created debt-free thereby stabilizing economies


kiStone is a VWAP stabilised Mūnia Currency. kiStone is indexed to the 90 day average of 1 gram of Gold. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion kiStone.


kiGem is an inflation stabilised Mūnia Currency. 1 kiGem is indexed to one trillionth of the M2 Money Supply. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion kiGem.


kiMuni is a VWAP stabilised Mūnia Currency. 1 kiMuni is indexed to the 90 day average of 1 gram of Silver. There is a maximum volume of 1 Trillion kiMuni.

Mūnia Economic Stability
for robust storage and trade

Mūnia Currency is built for trade reliability. Unlike speculative and volatile cryptocurrency Mūnia Currency retains stable value over time, a great advantage for long term storage and contracts.

  • kiStone and kiMuni use a 90 day VWAP average price of Gold and Silver
  • kiGem is indexed to 1 trillionth of the M2 money supply
  • kiGem is a perfect inflation hedge balancing unprecedented FIAT printing
  • Your choice of a perfect trio of safe haven currencies

Currencies of exceptional quality
as foundation for future prosperity

Many global economic problems reflect deficiencies in monetary formulas. Their effects are far ranging.

Mūnia Currencies are the first to demonstrate a comprehensive solution. An ethical currency of integrity, Mūnia breaks the shackles of ledgers and functions with stand-alone fractal assets of inherent value.

Mūnia Currency ownership does not rely on external ledgers, you personally hold and own it!