Mūnia Monetary Assets

Compare our Vaults, Currency and Assets

1) Personally Creatable

1000 kiMūni is created when you join.
Mūnia currency is created for participation and promotion.

2) Inherent Value

Each Mūnia Asset is a unique artwork. Unique art is copyright. Copyright items are legal assets.

3) Permanent Substance

Mūnia Fractal Estate is indestructible mathematical substance more permanent than gold and matter.

4) Precious and Rare

Mūnia Estate is absolutely bounded and limited and each Fractal Mine has a fixed location, scale and minting capacity.

5) Digital Transfer

Mūnia Monetary Assets are digitally stored and transferable over the internet using PCs, laptops, tablets and mobiles.

6) Free Storage

Vaults securely store Mūnia Assets without fees of any kind, similar to a home vault but with digital convenience.

7) Free Transfers

Transfer Mūnia Currency and Assets without transaction fees, similar to coin or cash exchange with digital convenience.

8) Owner Secured

You hold the key to your Mūnia Vault, Currency and Assets. There is no third party involved.

9) Privately Held

Mūnia Assets are transferred Vault-to-Vault without transactions or audit trail. No personal details are required.

Mūnia yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Art yes yes maybe yes no no no yes yes
Bullion no yes yes yes no no no yes yes
Stocks no yes maybe maybe yes yes no yes no
no no no yes yes yes no maybe no
Cash no no no no no yes yes yes yes
Bank Account no no no no yes no no no no
1) Personally Creatable
2) Inherent Value
3) Permanent Substance
4) Precious & Rare
5) Digital Transfer
6) Free Storage
7) Free Transfer
8) Owner Secured
9) Privately Held
Mūnia is perfect Economy

New monetary assets of exceptional quality

In many respects the quality of our lives and the integrity of commerce is founded on the quality of our money. The above measures used to compare Mūnia with today’s FIAT money, cryptos, bullion etc are in our estimation the top nine measures for quality of money.
There are further measures that could be applied that Mūnia matches or exceeds. Mūnia takes the lead and brings a new standard for money with an ethical foundation and economy of integrity.

Where to turn?


Mūnia offers a new family of quality monetary assets designed for stability and endurance.

There is no asset leakage through fees, or hiddet transfers from owners to system operators.

Mūnia Technology is
a new Security Standard

The synergy of breakthrough fractal encryption, personal vault backup and Lazarus recovery brings a new level of trust and confidence.