Mūnia Cheqūes

Multi-Currency Mūnia Asset backed Fractal Cheqūes

Inherent Value

Mūnia Cheqūes have inherent value as surveyed fractal estates. Their substance is visible as unique fractal parchment, each one a copyright Legal Asset that can carry value and be valued.

Global Currencies

Mūnia Cheqūes can be written in three (3) Mūnia currencies, five (5) Crypto currencies and 140 global FIAT currencies. Mūnia Cheqūes transfer and store value in the designated currency.

Converted from Vault Contents

Mūnia Cheqūes are automatically written against your Vault contents, including any combination of Cheqūes and/or Assets. Write a Mūnia Cheqūe up to the total value of your Vault.

Precise Amount Transfers

Mūnia Cheqūes store and transfer precise values in the designated currency without ledgers. Mūnia Cheqūes ARE the exact value.

Privately Owned

Mūnia Cheqūes are private to their Owners Vault. When Mūnia Cheqūes are transferred to another Vault they do not leave a ledger transaction trail.

Quantum Proof

Mūnia Cheqūes are secured by quantum proof encryption. Our fractal encryption is future proof immunity to quantum computer security attacks.

Instant Private Transfer

Instantly transfer Mūnia Cheqūes from your Vault directly and privately to any other Vault. Enter the receivers Vault ID, a comment, your combination and send.

Mobile to Mobile Transfer

Instantly send Mūnia Cheqūes by scanning the QR Code on a requesting mobile phone. The requesting Vault sets the amount in any FIAT currency with a comment.

Fungible Value

Each Mūnia Cheqūe is directly fungible with all Mūnia Currencies and Assets. Instantly and freely swap between Mūnia Currencies and Assets at their current exchange rate.

Mūnia Cheqūe comparison
to Bank Cheques

Bank cheques are an instruction to your Bank to pay the Cheque holder by account ledger transfer. A Bank cheque can bounce if your account balance is insufficient when the cheque is presented.

Mūnia Cheqūes differ substantially as they are the value. When you see a Mūnia Cheqūe in your Vault it is the value shown in the designated currency. Mūnia Cheqūes cannot bounce.

Bank cheques are limited to your account currency. Mūnia Cheqūes can be written in any currency.

Revolutionary Monetary Instruments

Mūnia Cheqūes bring ultimate convenience to Vault-to-Vault value transfer, irrespective of Vault contents.

Just write a Mūnia Cheqūe for any desired amount in any desired currency at any time. The required asset value is automatically and precisely exchanged from your Vault contents.

  • Intuitive Cheqūe Paradigm
  • Backed by and convertible to Mūnia Assets
  • Automatic Mūnia Change Cheqūe precisely balances exchange
  • Transfer and store value without exchange rate risks

Beautiful and Unique Fractal Cheqūe Parchments

Each Mūnia Cheqūe renders a beautiful fractal parchment from its unique fractal estate.

The fractal parchment is watermarked and embossed with the Mūnia Cheqūe Wing.

The copyright Mūnia Cheqūe Image also shows:

  • Cheqūe date and value
  • Cheqūe Currency and National Flag
  • Unique cheqūe serial number
  • At-a-glance verification and difference between Cheqūes

Global Commercial Scope

Mūnia Cheqūe storage and transaction technology has an unlimited* global commercial scope.

Cheqūe transfer is instant, suitable for micro and macro transactions.

Cheqūe creation is energy efficient, fast and scalable.

  • Mūnia Cheqūes are ledger-less exact amount instruments
  • Mūnia Cheqūes are backed by and exchangeable to Mūnia Assets
  • Freely swap from and to Mūnia Assets and Currencies

* The number of unique fractal estates managed for Mūnia Cheqūes is 2^128, an unlimited amount for all practical purposes.

Multi-Currency Flexibility

Write Mūnia Cheqūes in one of 148 currencies.

Mūnia Cheqūes are automatically swapped from Vault contents at the current exchange rate.

The available currencies include:

  • Three (3) Mūnia Currencies
  • Five (5) major crypto currencies
  • 140 international FIAT currencies

Fractal Mūnia Cheqūes of
exceptional quality & substance

Mūnia Cheqūes are a revolutionary digital asset and transaction medium that implements all of the fractal substance and security technologies of Mūnia Assets.

With intuitive, instant and precise storage and transfer of value, Mūnia Cheqūes are a paradigm shift in digital assets.

Mūnia Cheqūes are privately owned and instantly transferable worldwide securely and conveniently.