Ultimate Sustainability

A perfect synergy of high efficiency and renewable energy

Eco Friendly Technology

Mūnia Platform Technology is extremely efficient and Eco-friendly. Mūnia's server farm and administrative infrastructure is powered entirely by renewable energy.

Compact Server Farm

Mūnia platform has excellent redundancy and industry standard backup with a compact global server farm using a total of only 2kW of electricity.

Clean Data Centers

Mūnia infrastructure is carefully selected to meet our renewable and sustainable energy standards. Iceland is a standout with 100% geothermal and hydro energy.

Efficient Servers

Mūnia uses state-of-the-art energy efficient servers with integrated power management. Our servers use high performance low consumption SSD drives.

keyBlock Efficiency

keyBlock technology efficiency is by design, delivering consistent low minting and transfer processing energy consumption. keyBlock technology is the key.

Caring for Earth

Our beautiful planet is under duress from irresponsible and wasteful practices.
Team Mūnia is deeply committed to the sustainability of our platform.

Mūnia Efficiency made possible by keyBlock Technology

Efficient minting and Vault-to-Vault transfer

Mūnia technology implements next generation keyBlock technology. keyBlock is a synergy of fractal beauty, security and estate management that mints fractal asset estates and secures them in fractal Vaults. keyBlock minting is highly efficient and Mūnia assets with large denominations and estates require similar

energy to smaller ones. Mūnia asset transfer is fast and efficient Vault-to-Vault transfer by way of fractal decryption and encryption. These factors combine to deliver a Mūnia Platform that can readily be powered by modest renewable energy sources around the World.

Stark Contrast

We can appreciate Mūnia efficiency when contrasted with the inefficiency of Bitcoin.

The current Mūnia server farm has four globally distributed web servers and six backup servers with a maximum total consumption of 2kW, with greater transaction capacity compared to that of Bitcoin.

The current estimated consumption of the Bitcoin server network is 380000kW.

Mūnia is 190000 times as efficient as Bitcoin.